Tenga Egg Color Variety (6 Pack)


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Crack open the revolutionary TENGA Egg male masturbator and enjoy your Best Orgasm Ever! The male masturbation innovation that you’ve been waiting for – presenting the TENGA Egg variety pack, containing six sensational TENGA Egg Onacups! With three fantastic new textures and the three original varieties, you’ll have a hard time choosing your favourite!

How to use?

Simply pop the egg open, remove the soft sleeve from the casing. Dispense generous amount of lubricant (known as TENGA Egg Lotion) over the external lip and the inner texture. Place the sleeve on the tip of your shaft, and enjoy the incrediable sensation by pulling or twisting the sleeve. Each egg comes with a small sachet of lubricant. Need more lubricant? Don’t forget to add a piece of TENGA Egg Lotion to your purchase.

Note: TENGA Eggs are designed solely for one-time disposable use. Please refrain from multiple uses. Check out the TENGA Flip Hole series if you are searching for a reusable device.

* All TENGA products are imported from and made in Japan.

Tenga Egg Twister – Sensual lines of satisfaction swirl from top to bottom in the Twister Egg. Moving towards the end gives you delicious squeezing sensations and twisting it with each stroke is simply phenomenal.

Tenga Egg Stepper – Containing numerous rounded wedges facing up and down, the Stepper Egg provides constant stimulation. With each stroke the soft detailing massages your shaft bringing you closer and closer to the edge!

Tenga Egg Silky – Delicate ribbing wraps around the inside of the Silky Egg. Randomly intertwined, each of these smooth lines embraces you like silk.

Tenga Egg Spider – Covered with a ribbed spider-web pattern, the Spider Egg is one of the most vividly stimulating! The all over texture provides 360-degree pleasure, no matter how you use it.

Tenga Egg Wavy – When the large and soft waves travel over your head and shaft, it creates remarkable trembling stimulations. Enjoy the Wavy Egg as it stretches to surround and accommodate you completely.

Tenga Egg Clicker -With a wealth of patterned nodules and nubs in different sizes, shapes and textures, the Clicker Egg is one of our most popular. Stroking it up and down, twisting it left and right or squeezing and releasing provide extraordinary sensations.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Tenga Egg Twister
  • 1 x Tenga Egg Stepper
  • 1 x Tenga Egg Silky
  • 1 x Tenga Egg Spider
  • 1 x Tenga Egg Wavy
  • 1 x Tenga Egg Clicker

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