Pjur Analyse Me Anal Comfort Spray 20ml


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Product Description

Pjur’s Analyse Me Anal Comfort Spray is an exceptional care product applied in the anal area that helps the skin to relax for enjoyable anal intercourse.
Pjur AnalyseMe’s high grade panthenol and aloe vera make the skin and tissue more elastic and counteract oversensitivity in the anal area – with no lidocaine or benzocaine.
Pjur Analyse Me Anal Spray Features
  • Relaxation spray for anal sex
  • Contains high-grade panthenol and aloe
  • Desensitizing effect
  • Made in Germanty


  • Apply 1 spray on the area and wait for 3-5 min before intercourse. 1 spray is sufficient per application.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Do not get in contact with eyes. Not a contraceptive. Washes off easily using soap and water. Reseal carefully after use. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a dark place, and use immediately after opened. Discard within 12 months of opening.


Wash thoroughly after use with warm water and soap. Avoid use when skin is damaged or not in good condition. If irritation occurs on skin, stop use immediately and consult a doctor. If contact with eye occurs, wash eye with clean water immediately. If using in a bath, please be careful of any slippery surfaces you may be standing on. Keep out of the reach of children.


Please read the instructions supplied carefully. Use at your own risk. Lily Hush will not be liable for any other loss, damage or adverse medical reaction arising or caused by incorrect use and application of the product.

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Anal Sex

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