Eros Prolong 101 Delay Spray 30ml


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Product Description

Enjoy longer lasting sex with this delay spray with the EROS Extended Love Glide 3

The Extended Love Glide Top Level 3 is Eros’s spray version of the latest and best selling delay lubricant, designed for longer lasting and more intense love making.

This is a water-based spray is designed specifically to delay ejaculation without loss of sensation. Unlike Spanish Fly, this spray leaves no sticky traces on the skin and is suitable for use with latex condoms.

Look forward to prolonged sensuality and lots of fun during sexual intercourse!

Made in Germany.

Lubricant Characteristics

dermatologically tested
very economical
long-lasting glide quality
for use with latex condoms
water based
colourless and odourless
oil-free and unscented
About EROS Lubricants

EROS has the finest selection of personal lubricants made in Germany. At Lily Hush, we pride ourselves on only selling the best. EROS lubricants stand for premium ingredients, style, comfort and enjoyment. They have been dermatologically tested and are safe to use with condoms. Soft and silky to the skin, EROS lubricants are suitable for all kinds of intercourse. You will be surprised by its outstanding performance and extraordinary yield.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Do not get in contact with eyes. Not a contraceptive. Washes off easily using soap and water. Reseal carefully after use. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Additional Information

Lubricant Function:

Delay & Prolong

Lubricant Type:





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